Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Choose the Registration menu option for general admission or select the Training Camp menu option to register for the SE Web Training Camp. You can register on this site and we will invoice your ministry for the applicable registration cost(s). All registration fees must be paid in full before the conference begins.

The Early Bird rate for general admission is $400 per attendee if you register by Sunday, March 31st. The standard general admission rate will increase to $475 on Monday, April 1st.

The StudioEnterprise Training Camp track rate is $575 and this fee is in place of, not added to, the standard conference rate.

Check-in begins at 6:30 PM on Sunday, May 5th and will continue until 8:30 PM. Attending this pre-event activity will allow you to check-in before the conference kicks off on Monday morning, pick up your bag and conference goodies, enjoy our dessert bar and refreshments, and mingle with the DonorDirect staff and other conference attendees.

   • Keynote sessions begin at 9:00 AM and all breakout sessions end at 5:00 PM.
   • Lunch break is from 11:00 AM until 1:00 PM with extra time built-in to connect with other attendees or DonorDirect staff members, or catch up on some work. Please, note that lunch is not provided.
   • The complimentary dinner and devotional takes place on Monday at 6:30 PM in the combined Texas conference rooms. You will be seated with attendees from other ministries who have role similar to yours.
   • Our off-site Ministry Mingle takes place on Tuesday at 6:30 PM, which includes a complimentary fun activity and buffet dinner for all attendees. DonorDirect staff will be available in the conference lobby to shuttle any attendees who need local transportation.

   • Private one-on-one sessions may begin as early as 8:00 AM.
   • The keynote sessions begin at 9:00 AM and all sessions end at 11:30 AM, at which time all conference activities are complete.

Most people at the conference tend to dress in "business casual" attire.

The weather is typically quite nice in the Dallas area during the conference. Please, check the weather forecast beforehand since the Texas weather can be a bit finicky at times. 

We do suggest bringing a light sweater or jacket if you tend to get cold, as the rooms can become a bit chilly during the conference.

Please, always wear your conference name tag so that other attendees know who you are and which ministry you are with. Your name tag will also let you know where you will be sitting during our Monday night dinner and devotional.

All extra activities offered as part of the conference are included in your registration cost. This includes the Sunday night check-in and dessert bar, the Monday night dinner and devotional, and the Tuesday night Ministry Mingle activity and dinner.

We strongly encourage all attendees to participate in the Monday night dinner, so registration for that activity is not required.

However, the Tuesday night activity is hosted off-site and will require registration so we can make the necessary arrangements with the off-site facility. Please, note that although registration for this activity is required, there is no additional cost to participate. We just need to know who will be there ahead of time! 

We will provide the following food and drinks during the conference:
   • Dessert bar and beverages during the Sunday night check-in
   • A plated dinner and beverages during the Monday night activity
   • A buffet style dinner and beverages during the Tuesday night activity
   • Tea, water, and coffee throughout the conference
   • An afternoon cookie break on Monday & Tuesday

You will be responsible for your individual lunch arrangements. Most attendees will venture off-site during lunch each day. DonorDirect staff members are very happy to have you join them for lunch and can shuttle you back and forth during that time. Please, visit the DonorDirect Help Desk and let us know if you would like help coordinating a ride/group to have lunch with during the conference.

The Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel offers a breakfast buffet at a set cost. We've been told that those staying onsite at the hotel should receive discounted breakfast coupons upon check-in. Please, contact the hotel staff with any questions about breakfast options or arrangements, as this is a perk that is not managed by DonorDirect.

DonorDirect will not provide any alcoholic beverages throughout the conference, including the evening activities. We understand that the Tuesday Ministry Mingle is a relaxed environment and a time when some participants may opt for an alcoholic drink. Please, note that you will be responsible for any of your alcoholic drink charges. We also encourage anyone who chooses to do so to drink responsibly and have a designated driver.

Travel Arrangements

Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel, 900 E Lookout Dr, Richardson, TX 75082

The Sunday night check-in will be held in the main lobby and dining room area.

All other on-site sessions and activities will be held in the conference area, which is on the north side of the hotel, across from the parking garage.

You can definitely stay onsite if the hotel has availability at the time you choose to make your arrangements. We do have a block of rooms that are reserved for our attendees at a discounted rate. These discounted rooms are available on a first come, first served basis so please book early! Details can be found within the Hotel Information section of this website.

We do not have any specific recommendations, but many hotels are available in the area at varying rates. A quick Google search could help you find an alternative option, if not staying onsite at the Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel. We also provide a map of example hotel options in the area within the Hotel Information section of this website.

Dallas Love Field (DAL) and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) are nearly the same distance from the hotel where the conference is held, so either airport would be a good option.

If you need transportation between the airport and the hotel, then you will need to make those arrangements. We suggest either renting a car, using a car service (Uber, Lyft, taxi, etc.), or riding with other attendees.

We break for lunch on Monday and Tuesday and everyone is responsible for their own lunch arrangements. DonorDirect employees are always happy to have attendees join them for lunch. To ensure availability, those arrangements should be made before the lunch break occurs. However, we understand that some attendees like to be on their own for lunch or take that time to catch up on some work or personal items. We leave those arrangements at your discretion.

Please, visit our DonorDirect Help Desk if you would like help coordinating a ride/group to have lunch with during the conference and we can help pair you up with someone from our DonorDirect team.

If you don't mind walking to the area behind the hotel property, you will find a local shuttle that runs from the hotel to the CityLine shopping area just north of the hotel, which offers several dining and shopping options. This public transit shuttle (called the DART Rail) runs between the hotel (Galatyn Park Station) and the CityLine shopping area (Cityline/Bush Station). The shuttle runs every 20 minutes and tickets are $1.50 to $5.00 per day, depending on whether you would like to purchase an all-day pass or just one for lunchtime.

Our Tuesday night activity will be off-site. If you choose to attend, we will have some DonorDirect employees near the DonorDirect Help Desk in the conference area to offer rides, if needed. We ask that you please show up at the conference reception desk no later than 6:00 PM to request a ride with an available staff member.

Park in the garage that is to the east of the hotel. Garage parking is complimentary for all of our conference attendees.

The parking garage has a new digital system. We will no longer swap out tickets or have complimentary parking coupons, as we've done in the past. Each time you attempt to enter the garage, you will receive a barcoded ticket upon entry.

You will need to bring your barcoded ticket inside with you (not leave it in your car) to be scanned for validation and used upon exiting the garage. We will have a validation machine set up near our DonorDirect Help Desk where you can scan your own barcoded tickets to receive validation.

Guests of the hotel will use their room key for parking/validation, as free parking is included in the hotel amenities package.

Conference Sessions

This year, we will offer several different categories of sessions. Visit our Schedule page for additional details about session topics. All attendees will be given access to our private, interactive schedule after registration has been completed.

StudioOnline Sessions
The StudioOnline sessions will cover topics related to our online storefront, whether they are new features in our legacy StudioOnline product, or features of the newer Advanced StudioOnline product.

Developer Sessions
The Developer sessions will take a deeper, more technical dive into some of the topics that are important to your developers and technical-minded system administrators. Some of these sessions will be offered "presentation-style" and some will have a longer, workshop type of format.

User Workshop Sessions
The User Workshop sessions will take a deeper dive into topics that will help users effectively use some of the more popular features within the system, as well as offer opportunities to get some hands-on practice with how to implement different types of efficiencies within the system. While many of the topics covered can be applied any focused areas of your ministry, these sessions will primarily be geared towards donor development processes and efforts.

The sessions will run longer than some of the other types of sessions and will include a brief intro to the topic, followed by "hands-on" learning where real examples are set up together as a group. Attendees should bring a laptop and have an established connection to their ministry's SE Web sandbox/test environment with Advanced CRM. Additional access requirements will be listed on each session in the interactive schedule, as some are for everyone and will require standard access - and others are for system administrators and require a higher level of access.

Business Sessions
We will have a group of other general business sessions that aren't dependent upon each other, and where attendees can come and go as desired. We will also offer a couple of vendor sessions, led by organizations that we partner with, which are designed to help you learn more about what they offer and how they can help take your DonorStudio experience to the next level.

StudioEnterprise Training Camp
This Training Camp will offer a basic training and overview of the StudioEnterprise Web best practices and will be geared towards the brand new or entry-level user. This track will be separated from all other breakout sessions and requires a different type of registration than the standard, general admission registration.

Training Camp attendees will join everyone for the general/keynote sessions, break for lunch with everyone else, and attend all evening activities, but will attend this basic SE Web training during normal breakout sessions.

Attendees will need to bring a laptop that has access to a compatible web browser. We will provide access to the same training environment for all Training Camp attendees on the first day.

Those attending the Training Camp are expected to attend all sessions within that track. Otherwise, you can adjust your schedule as needed throughout the conference. We just ask that you also update your agenda on the interactive schedule so that we can determine if a larger room is needed, and so the speakers and other attendees can connect with you regarding the session.

This Training Camp will offer a basic training of StudioEnterprise Web geared towards the brand new or entry-level user. This is a closed, dedicated track that requires a different type of registration than the standard, general admission registration.

The Training Camp sessions will take our normal, very in-depth Solution Overview training for StudioEnterprise and consolidate the content into two days of training. This track will not offer a deep dive into any particular area of the system but will cover a wide variety of areas that are primarily geared towards the roles of those in attendance.

ELS stands for Executive Leadership Summit and it is a private, invitation-only track lead by DonorDirect's top leadership group. This private track is only open to C-level or VP-level attendees and the agenda for this track will be provided to those that have been invited. Please, note that this track is not open to all attendees, so walk-ins will not be allowed.

At the time of registration, you are able to indicate if you would like to request a private one-on-one session with a DonorDirect staff member. These sessions are 45 minutes in length and are designed to cover the one or two ministry-specific topics that you would like someone to connect with you about and discuss in more detail.

If you requested a private session during registration, you will receive an email communication requesting additional information. Due to our limited available resources, these private sessions are offered on a first come, first served basis and we attempt to spread them out across as many various ministries as possible.

If you are granted a private one-on-one session, the time and location of your session will be arranged with the DonorDirect staff member that will be helping you. They will reach out to you before the conference to make those arrangements. These sessions will occur at the same time as the regularly scheduled breakout sessions, yet will be held in a private or semi-private conference room.


Although bringing a laptop is not required, it is very highly recommended. The interactive sessions, such as the Training Camp and Workshop sessions will require attendees to have a laptop since they offer hands-on learning opportunities.

Yes, the WiFi connection information will be provided at the conference.

We will have as many power outlets available as possible during the conference, but may not be able to accommodate all attendees since we are restricted by what is made available at the event venue. Be sure to bring your phone charger, if needed, as phone charging stations will not be provided.

We will provide access to a training environment for the StudioEnterprise Training Camp attendees. Workshop attendees will need to have external access to their own sandbox/test SE Web environment.

Otherwise, we will not have a general environment for attendee access, but you are welcome to access your own sandbox/test environment during the event, as desired. These arrangements will need to be made with your ministry's System Administrators ahead of time.

We will have an online, interactive schedule available for all attendees, speakers, sponsors, and DonorDirect staff that will offer the following benefits:

   • Each person attending the conference will be able to set up a personal profile with information about themselves and how to best connect with them. This will help you put faces with names and learn more about the other attendees, sponsors, speakers, and the DonorDirect staff.

   • All sessions will be listed out in a schedule format so each attendee can self-select which sessions they would like to attend during each time-slot and build a custom agenda. You will also be able to connect with others who are attending the same session, learn about the speaker and what the session is about, gain access to any materials provided with that session, provide feedback after the session, and help DonorDirect determine the appropriate room size to schedule for each session.

   • You can access this interactive schedule via your mobile device and make changes to your schedule on-the-fly.

   • DonorDirect can make real-time updates, like room changes, and even send those updates out via email blast to all attendees who have added those sessions to their personalized schedule.

   • Each morning you will receive your agenda for the day via email, which will list out your selected sessions.  At the end of each day, you will be asked to provide feedback on your sessions. This feedback is greatly appreciated and helps us better plan for future conferences.

All registered attendees will receive a private link to our interactive schedule after registration.